Targeted Marketing

Our success comes from using a targeted marketing approach to talent acquisition which allows us to use a company’s business needs and organisational culture along with the required skills and experiences to define and market the opportunity to attract the most suitably qualified candidates.

Unless specifically requested by our clients we do not use ‘generic’ advertisements but we research, source and speak only to candidates who are aligned with the opportunities available.  This targeted and proactive approach allows us to engage with potential candidates more quickly, reducing the hiring timeline. It also enables us to ensure that there is a platform for a working relationship between client and candidate whilst meeting the expectations of both parties.

We utilise our excellent industry networks and strong social media presence to their full advantage so even if you are not yet ready to hire or make your next career move why not follow us on Twitter or connect with us on LinkedIn so that when you are ready to make your move we are ready to help.


“We hadn’t used a consultancy before but you proved to us it was the right decision.  A well-managed process with two new employees in post in record time.” – BJD, MD-Engineering Company.