Human Resources

Ventura’s approach to HR is one of practicality and common sense.  Whilst HR is essential for a business to run efficiently, if done properly we believe it shouldn’t be unnecessarily time consuming or onerous. Our consultants bring with them their HR discipline and hands-on experience of the sector they advise. This insight allows them to provide not only best practice but an understanding of the impact of decisions and actions.

Our experience comes from supporting private and public sector companies ranging in size from 5 – 250 employees providing both fully outsourced generalist HR, strategic HR guidance or support on ad-hoc projects including organisational development, restructuring and redundancy. We work with clients from the travel, hospitality, leisure, engineering, education, business, healthcare, policing and charity sectors.

Whether you are looking for a fully outsourced solution, advice on a particular subject or short term project support please give us a call for a no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements further.